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Today's rhaps is on ... Love

Updated: Jun 1

Михаил Врубель, Демон сидящий, 1890 - Mikhail Vrubel, Sitting Demon, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

This is what I know of love

It is cruel

It reaches into your soul with

Fingers made to grasp all

That which is good

And holy

Within you

And tells you

Ah now you feel it?

Now you know

What it is like to be me?

The one you love?

Can you watch me die and scream

Can you wait quietly

For me to return

Can you live and breathe

With the knowledge of

My anxious existence

On this earth

This planet of contingencies

Of Sartre’s nausea

Of looming biomorphs

And igneous rock

Of hot Camus beaches where

We know not what we do

Of random interventions

By the Mad Divine

The writer of the Script

Slapping down each line

As we say it


Helpless on stage

We move from

One blocked spot

To another

Sensing each moment that

All was leading to

This point

This place

Where you reach out

To hold me

To hear my crazy

Beating heart

The madness in me

That binds me

To you


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