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Today's rhaps is on ... Mahsa Amini

Shamisa Hafsani, graffiti artist, Kabul, Afghanistan (likely painted over now)

I accept my fate.

I see that I am to blame.

My female self is to blame.

My birth anatomy is to blame.

The hair on my body is to blame.

The Christ did not die for my sins, for I must die for the sins of men.

I must die in the name of those who sin against me.

The law is turned upside-down for me.

I must pay for the crimes against me.

I understand.

I accept my fate.

I wear the headdress of shame.

I wear it how the morality police tell me it is to be worn.

I wear it however it is to be worn today.

I cover my head in shame.

I cast my eyes to the ground, for I am forever lesser and evil.

I am responsible for all that is done to me.

I believe in the given"reality" and abide by its rules.

I see what I am told to see.

Now and forever,




Baraye, taken from protest tweets, has become the anthem of the protests, in Tehran and all over the world. The artist Shervin Hajipour has also been imprisoned.

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