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Today's rhaps is on ... Mahsa Amini

Updated: Oct 7

Shamisa Hafsani, graffiti artist, Kabul, Afghanistan (likely painted over now)

I accept my fate.

I see that I am to blame.

My female self is to blame.

My birth anatomy is to blame.

The hair on my body is to blame.

The Christ did not die for my sins, for I must die for the sins of men.

I must die in the name of those who sin against me.

The law is turned upside-down for me.

I must pay for the crimes against me.

I understand.

I accept my fate.

I wear the headdress of shame.

I wear it how the morality police tell me it is to be worn.

I wear it however it is to be worn today.

I cover my head in shame.

I cast my eyes to the ground, for I am forever lesser and evil.

I am responsible for all that is done to me.

I believe in the given"reality" and abide by its rules.

I see what I am told to see.

Now and forever,



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