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Today's rhaps is on ... "My Sunny Art"

Maria Primachenko, Dear Friends, I Give You the Sun and My Sunny Art, 1978

Maria Primachenko lived to see Ukraine free from the Soviet Union, but not into the current invasion by its Russian neighbor. She died in 1997. Her painting "Dear Friends, I Give You the Sun and My Sunny Art" - Дорогі друзі, дарую вам сонце і сонячне мистецтв - was, however, painted under Soviet oppression.

"My Sunny Art"!

Take that, you oppressors!

You bullies!

You tsars and autocrats!

We shall hide in the woods

Silent as Resistance

Until our

Sunflowers and

Blue skies

Overwhelm your dark evil

With Life

With Freedom

With Art

In the Sun

What grows is


While you try to

Hold up


Force souls into slavery

Chernobyl grows green


While you smash the


That you are not loved



Does not want



10 JULY 2022

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