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Today's rhaps is on ... the Opioid of the Masses

US Inauguration 2017

Up until a few weeks ago, this is what I thought: that each day Trump-haters do more to keep him in office than all the sycophant supporters put together. That the relief their aching brains feel laughing at his foolish clowning is stronger than the grief for democracy, like the relief felt in an addict’s aching body within reach of the venomous syringe. That the Trump-addicts, bootlickers and critics alike, are lost in the white inaugural spaces of the National Mall, like helpless snow-snorters burning a high into their nostrils more zealous and deadly than any sadist spy could wish upon his enemies. That the panacea for hate, like pain, can be found in this lethal fleeting ecstasy, keeping the crack routine in play: all is normal, a little more respite from the chaos is warranted, I deserve it.

But all is not normal. And I fear the opioid sold by the greedy white collar pushers keeping these masses underfoot is much stronger: it’s money.

I saw it a few weeks ago, that the Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz donors are now happily siphoning off bits of their .01% riches to the Trumps. That the daily opioid of hate and astonishment is nothing more than Noam Chomsky distraction after all. That while the masses leer and sneer over the insane antics of a buffoon, the quieter business of dismantling democratic structures continues, brick by brick, judge by judge, district by gerrymandered district, voter by disenfranchised voter. That no one can stop the machine guns going to Saudi Arabia to kill Yemen's babies, no one can plug up the money pipelines flowing to China and Russia, no one can dig up the lies covering up the dead envoys and dismembered journalists.

Why can't the honest ones proclaim the evils of this rule, the daily slaughter of a child's logic, the massive theft of all that is good? The Ship of Fools is not given port, even now? The brownnosers are in prison, the crooks have security clearance, yet the King of Hearts is still in charge? The Opposition is helpless, has merely joined the silly parade? The world knows Russia put Trump in office yet the 80k votes triggering the Electoral College magically supersedes the three million votes he lost? And this can happen again next year? Because all is for sale—the Senate, Supreme Court, the Cabinet? Money. The robber barons have installed the sickly king on the throne. Minority rules. Everyone else can go eat cake.

I know, pessimistic. But I fear it is too late. I will keep hoping that the majority will yet march and shout, the Opposition will recall the Senate and Cabinet, the chimes of freedom will ring once more, that honest voices will bellow through the dense pall of injustice, that liberté will sing loud and clear, from sea to shining sea.

4 JUNE 2019

the Opioid of the Masses

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