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Today's rhaps is on ... War and Control

Evacuation of Baghouz

Today’s news is so sad. Final Baghouz bombings, Ethiopia air crash, assassination of North Korean leader’s sister.

All I can think of is control. And war.

Controlling leads to killing. The need to control what other people do leads to killing them for defying you. Umbrella needles in airports, electric bone saws in Consulate offices, machine guns against a bloody wall.

If you kill someone who is also trying to kill you, you are absolved. Go ahead, they're in your personal space, they're attacking you. But if they are not trying to kill you first … we punish you, give you negligence to manslaughter to first degree premeditated.

Well, most of the time we blame the ones who attack first. Unless, of course...they are actually in charge. Then they get away with it, because they are bigger, richer, stronger, louder. They even get to lie. In fact, if they're big enough and rich enough, they can do what they damn well please, kill someone on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight, send dick-pics to your wife. If you don't like this and try to fight back you get ad hominem attacked like Michael Cohen in a Republican Senate. Who's the liar now, fuckface? There's little you can do. You are nothing. You and the truth no longer matter. They will break your legs, destroy your family.

We even let them muddle Acts of God with Acts of Man. If there's an earthquake it's not your fault ... unless you are poor, brown, gay, or any of the above and female. God needed to punish you made them want to rape and terrorize you, you made them give you fistulas, you made them force you to crawl around like a chained dog. If there's a bombing it's not your fault...unless you did not obey the people with the bombs. Then you are dangerous, you are an infidel, you are impossible to control. You are less than human. Therefore you need to be subdued, shrouded, tortured, interrogated, mutilated. Killed. Controlled. The final solution.

Does this end?

19 MARCH 2019

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