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Today's rhaps is on ... Wars

Updated: Jan 28

Janet Hagopian, Ethics of War (2015?)

Maybe wars do not end. They just continue the hatred.

The children remember.

The grandchildren remember.

We can't finish the US Civil War. The master-descendants still kill the slave-descendants.

We can't finish WW2. The fascists still kill the freedomists, from Eastern Europe to the Middle East.

We can't finish the colonial wars. Africa's vengeance storms against tribes past and present.

We can't finish the Crusades. The three Abrahamic peoples continue to subdue and terrorize their Silk Road conquests, subjugating the Other by the rule of Another. Until this Other is also toppled.

We can't finish taking land, bombing churches, stealing children, humiliating women, destroying homes and stores and schools....

Maybe the human condition is a state of war, a Thomas Hobbes nastiness and brutishness unbroken by the myriad social contracts we trot out to attempt peaceful coexistence.

We bring in the Trojan Horses hoping all will be well this time. Until it isn't. Again.

The Never Again fades ... until we see only the ... Again.

10 OCTOBER 2023

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