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Today’s rhaps is on … Paula Poundstone and my Portuguese Cat

So I was looking for something to watch tonight but nothing kept my attention and then I found your 2006 stand up, which is actually called Look What The Cat Dragged In, and I was happily watching the whole thing up until the guy freaked out about women proposing to men, when my Portuguese cat Lexus, who adopted me recently from the Fundação S. Francisco de Assis after I moved home to retire in Portugal, Lexus who had been lying there half on top of me (he’s very big) watching your every move like it was a cat video or something and occasionally reaching out and kinda swatting you, so Lexus all of a sudden lunges at you, shuts you down, flips the screen to an Incognito Window and the Calculator pops up. I kid you not. And Lexus only likes it when I speak Portuguese, completely ignores me otherwise. I don't know why I'm telling you this, just seemed like you should know.


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