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Today's rhaps is on ... Lives That Matter

Harmonia Rosales, Winter, 2018

There are standpoints for which no one holds the opposing position.

All Lives Matter is one of these, as well as Pro-Life. Exactly nobody on the planet thinks that No Lives Matter, and who alive is Anti-Life?

The actual positions would not fare well as slogans and bumper stickers, and thus are hidden from view. Who would voice support for Black Lives Do NOT Matter? Or, Everybody Gets a Choice EXCEPT Mothers?

Instead of proclaiming "If you are Black, your life is disposable; even a traffic cop can kill you," proponents of All Lives Matter can claim that they alone are wise and impartial, they alone care about everybody on the planet.

This is a lie.

Instead of proclaiming,"If you are pregnant, the State and the Church and the Fathers get to choose how you will harbor your child, but NOT you," proponents of Pro-Life can claim that they alone care about the babies born on our planet.

This is also a lie.

The people espousing these positions do not care if people are hurt, sick, poor, hungry, or murdered. The ideas are simply designed to elicit an immediate "what's wrong with those other people who disagree with me?"

We must save the babies! We must save the police! What's wrong with those people? Can't they see? They are evil! They are demons!

With a cruel and unprincipled leader, a King Cyrus, good people can even feel led by God into keeping these false ideas alive.

We are in the right! Who needs democracy when we are in the right?

No longer principled conservatives or principled Christians, those who would destroy democracy itself in order to uphold their own power are horrified by behavior overseas that they passively condone at home. Uganda, Myanmar, Iran. Rigged elections. Capital riots.

With colonial supremacists in power, our lives mean less and less. Here, all lives do not matter. We don't matter.


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